Saturday, June 14, 2008

Junior Training Program:Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah

Venue: Putrajaya Lake Club, Presint 8
Every Saturday: 9:00am to 12:30pm
Participants: 25 students form 2 & 15 students form 4.
Headcoach: Coach Halim
Asst.Coaches: Majai, Wan & Mus

Training Program has been divided into two phase. Indoor & Outdoor Rowing. The participants also been divided by two group base on their age form 2 & form 4.

Training Content: Indoor Rowing

  1. Introduction to the boat & equipment : Type of boats, rowers position, oars, stoke side & bow side, sliding seat, rigger and rudder.

  2. Ergometre : Rowing Machine equipment (flywheel, slider, seat & PM3 metre). Basic movement in rowing include 2 phases (DRIVE: Leg->Body->Arm & RECOVERY: Arm->Body->Leg).

Training Content: Outdoor Rowing

  1. On-water session: How to enter the boat, boat balancing & oars level on water

Hello guys! ROW..ROW..Row your boat...

First time on boat. First lesson: Balance your boat!Group of students waiting for their turn to row. Gosh! It's a hot day!


multisport said...

gambo coach takde ke???

Rowing-Malaysia said...

ala.. kasi la rowers jd celebrities dulu.