Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rowing - the preparation

Rowing needs more training than any other sports.. The passion, the will & the sacrifice. Rowing also defines athlete's body more than other sports.. The benefit is more, injury is less.. To be perfect in rowing, it takes years of experience & training...

Preparation for competitive rowing is quite different from normal training. The mentality, the physical workout.. the ergo tests & water test... something to be missed when you are out of field.

Competitive rowing : training for it is like pyramid system.. Initially, lots of endurance & aerobic workout.. then intermediate (add some speed) & finally few weeks towards race, pure speed work & short training period...

Also, it requires 3 factors to compliment. Training, nutrition & rest. Failing to have one of these will not do good for the body as well... Hence, we need to plan well & get the best out of it.

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